What Types Of Windows Are The Most Energy Efficient? —-Energy Efficiency Of All Window Types

Energy Efficiency plays an essential part in window performance, it directly relates to the energy bills you will pay. Different window types perform differently according to if they have good sealing, assumed they are of same materials and specifications. The tighter it seals, the greater energy efficiency it performs. We will discuss energy efficiency of different window types in the following passages to provide some useful tips for your window selection.

Energy Efficiency Of All Window Types

Fixed Window: Fixed window is a window type that cannot open, also called picture window as it was like a picture with reflection of outside view. As for energy efficiency, fixed window is ranked at the top with its great air tightness and water tightness as well as excellent seal around the perimeter.

Casement Window : Casement is a window with a sash swing open horizontally. American style casement window usually open outward up to 90 degree with a crank. Germany style window can swing open inward or outward 180 degree with a handle, can even in tilt turn opening. As for energy efficiency, casement window is second to fixed window. In other words, casement is the most energy efficient window types in operable windows. Because casement window have a great seals around the sash and leave no space between the sash and frame when it closes.

Awning Window:Awning window is a window type hinged at the top and opened outward. If it is hinged at the bottom and opened inward, it’s usually called a hopper. As for energy efficiency, awning window also seals better than double hung and sliding window, as there isn’t a track to slide on.

Double Hung: Double hung is a classic window type with two sashes slide up and down to open. Double hung seals than better sliding window.

Slider Window: Sliding window is a window type with two sashes slide from side to side to open up to half the opening, also called sliding window. Sliding windows are not so good at energy efficiency, as there is a seal to slide on.

Bay & Bow Window: Bay & bow window is usually a window combination of fixed window in the middle two or more operable windows at two sides. Oriel window is one of bay & bow windows. The energy efficiency depends on the types of operable windows.

Special Shape Window: Regular window styles usually come in shape of rectangles or squares, while irregular type can be in circle, radius or geometric, also known as special shape window or specialty window. Special shape window is also combined with regular windows, the part with special shape is more fixed than operable.

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