What makes ALUMINUM PLAZA’s slim modern windows stand out for modern homes?

It’s a new window term when it comes to slim modern windows. People usually know “modern” as the opposite side of being traditional. What is a slim modern window and what makes ALUMINUM PLAZA slim modern windows stand out for modern homes? Well, here are the answers for those questions.

If you ever search for window in Wikipedia, it says “ A window is an opening in a wall or roof of a building, etc., to let air and light in. It is usually filled with a sheet of glass. There can be many different shapes or irregular shapes. Windows are usually transparent so that people can see through them. ” As one of windows with regular shapes, slim modern window features a slimmer frame. The common frame width is about 4.53 inches (approx. 115mm) while slim window’s frame is about 2.95 inches (approx75mm). That means it reduces about 1.58 inches (approx. 40mm), which should be 35% slimmer than regular frame. This is how the window gets its name with slim.

The second question frequently asked is how slim window adds modern elements to homes and how it attracts homeowners’ attentions. Slim windows strive to narrow down its frame to maximum the area of glass, so as to provide a maximized view in limited openings. This new window style is unique and not so many companies are able to produce it.

The concealed hinges are a perfect choice to a slim frame. For this unique window, it equips with European SOBINCO (https://www.sobinco.com) modern hardware. They are hinged inside and can be hidden when closed, thus helps provide modern elements to the slim frame. On the other hand, it performs better durability and strength than regular hinges. A slim frame requires a slim handle. SONBINCO handle uses hidden escutcheon to only present the handle part. Tired of the old handle style, the slim handle surprise you with the best minimalism.

Tilt turn windows is a window style originating in Europe and popular in modern homes. It represents the newest window technology as it combines the convenience of both inward casement windows and top opening hopper windows.

When it turns, the handle turns 90 degree left or right (depends on handle is on left or right), also known as handle in 9 or 3 o’clock position, it is an inward swing casement window. Casement windows provide more modern elements to a home. When it tilts, the handle turns 180 degree (handle in 12 o’clock position ) to allow the sash to tilt a 10cm length to provide all weather convenience, it is a top opening hopper window. With tilt and turn opening, it combines the advantages of both an inward swing casement window and a top opening hopper window, while subtly skip the disadvantage of casements and hoppers.

CONTEMPORARY TILT TURN WINDOWS —- Maximum light and flexibility

Modern residential design demands fluidity, dynamism and openness. ESWDA Ultra-Narrow Frame Contemporary Tilt Turn Windows feature 2 15/16” narrow frames to let more light pass unhindered through more glass. * Sobinco chrono in vision go concealed hinge provide excellent strength and durability without sacrificing aesthetics. * A slim frame deserves a slim handle. Our escutcheon-free handle does away with the traditional cover plate for a minimalist, modern feel.

Back to the question at the very first beginning: What makes ALUMINUM PLAZA slim modern windows stand out for modern homes? The answer is : the slim modern windows feature a modern look to match the modern homes, Sobinco great hardware provides excellent durability and strength. What’s more, it adopts the newest tilt turn opening, etc. In total, the slim modern window is a perfect choice for modern homes.

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