What Are Window Grilles? —Choose Creative Grille Design From The Right Manufacturer

Window grilles are used to connect small pieces of glass together to form the big glass for the sash in the old time. By now, big glass is easy to make with modern technology. Grilles remain decorative appeal to buildings of traditional and classic style and those who adore grilles. Modern style buildings feature minimalism of simple clean line, which do not apply much area of grilles. Or they have few simple lines. Window grilles adds more design touch to a window, frequently used in Double Hung windows. in Grilles can be many types and styles. We are now listing some common grill types and styles.

The Beauty Of Grilles

Grilles are those horizontal and vertical bars that separate the big sheet of glass into small panes in windows and doors, also known as grids. It provides more aesthetics than practical functions. With a wide range of grilles design, it adds more beauty and charm to homes. Grilles can be made of aluminum, wood, etc.

The Types Of Grilles

The grilles can be divided into Full Divided Lites ( FDL) (sometimes also referred to Full Divided Light), Simulated Divided Lites (SDL). And it can be also divided into permanent and removable lites, depending on it’s fixed or not. Removable lites offer easy cleaning of windows. FDL are generally applied to the exterior and interior with a spacer bar between the glass. Similar to FDL, but SDL are without the spacer bar in most cases. Sometimes, grilles can also be only interior or between the glass.

The Styles Of Grilles

The styles of grilles can be in colonial style, prairie style, diamond style, geometrical style, etc and customized styles. Colonial style grilles are named after classical building style of colonial homes. Those homes are usually installed Double Hung with colonial style grille. Those grilles are usually in small equal-size panes. Prairie style grille, all called perimeter grille, is with few simple lines close to the edge of sash. Diamond and geometrical style grilles are in a shape of diamond or geometric. Grilles can also be customized due to users’ preferences.

ESWDA Grille Design

As one of leading Chinese manufacturers, ESWDA is known by its creative design and customized service. Various ESWDA grilles options satisfies clients with customized colors and shapes as well as pretty look. Experienced in design customized grilles, ESWDA projects with grilles design are favored by many customers. They get back to us with testimonials.

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