What Are Vinyl Clad Wood Windows? -Vinyl Clad Windows VS Aluminum Clad Windows

In current window market, there are vinyl, aluminum, fiberglass and wood windows. By vinyl windows, it means window material is made of vinyl. Besides a single material, there are new windows pattern with two materials combination. Vinyl clad wood windows and aluminum clad windows are general types of them. What are their advantages when compare with single materials?

Wood Windows

Wood window has always been the preferred choice for windows, its natural grain and a sense of comfort to a home is beyond comparison of any other materials. Wood window’s low thermal conductivity, great strength to weight ratio and energy efficiency is the main reason that stands for good window materials. Wood window is time-lasted and has added values for years to come. But wood window requires regular maintenance and can be susceptible to pests. Which might be the main weak points of wood window.

Vinyl Clad Wood Windows

Vinyl window is the most affordable window type. It’s energy efficient and maintenance-free. But it lasts 20 years or so, which means you will have to replace your windows. That’s not good for long term values. What‘s more, vinyl window cannot add a slightly real or simulated wood grain to a window, therefore it’s less likely to feel the nature and comfort with Vinyl Window.

Vinyl Clad Wood Window means it’s a wood window with vinyl cladding exterior to provide protection to the wood and add durability and longevity. With wood exterior and vinyl exterior cladding, vinyl clad wood window combines advantages of vinyl and wood to remain the greatness of windows provide a good protection to wood with vinyl exterior cladding.

Aluminum Clad Wood Windows

Aluminum window is a window type made of metal. It can last twice or more longer than vinyl. It’s easy to manufacture and finishing with various color options with great durability and strength. RAL 250 colors are available with modern excellent power coating finishing. What’s more, aluminum wood can be with simulated grain with advanced wood grain finishing technique. After treatment, the surface of aluminum window looks exactly like wood window. But aluminum has good conductivity like any other metal, which means it’s not so energy efficient.

Aluminum clad wood window feature wood interior and exterior aluminum cladding. The exterior cladding provides a great protection to the wood. With excellent powder coating and wood grain finishing technique of aluminum, it’s perfect to match your house style. Aluminum clad window remains the excellent performances and aesthetics of wood window and good protection, with the combination of aluminum and wood windows.

Vinyl Clad Wood Windows VS Aluminum Clad Wood Window, Which Is Better?

Aluminum clad wood windows are obvious better than vinyl clad wood windows. Vinyl cannot be paint while aluminum colors are various. Aluminum provides better strength and longevity than Vinyl. What’s more, aluminum has more finishing options to greatly match the house style. All in all, aluminum clad wood window is better than vinyl window in many aspects,

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