What Are The Names Of Different Parts of Windows? -Names Of Window Parts

As you are going to buy windows, many manufacturers are telling you how each part functions for the overall performance of the windows. The thing is, you need to know what part of window they are talking about when they say a window term like sill, glazing, etc. A window is made of frame. Sash, sealing and hardware. Let’s get started to know some general parts of them.


A window frame is the perimeter part of the entire windows. It could be made from vinyl, fiberglass, aluminum and wood. A frame is usually in a shape of triangle or rectangle, with each part has its separate name. A frame includes the head, the side jamb and sill.

Head: The head is the upper horizontal part of the window frame.

Side Jambs: Side jambs are those two vertical bars at two sides of window frame.

Sill: Sill is the bottom part of the frame, where you can place your plants.


A sash is the part that holds the glass and swings open to allow ventilation in a window. There are some window terms related to a sash.

Glazing: The glass in the sash is called glazing. If you are saying double glazing or triple glazing, you refer to two pane or three pane in the insulating glass.

Grilles:Grilles are those horizontal and vertical bars on the sash, usually in double hung. Colonial, Prairie and Victorian Styles are grilles in different styles.

Spacer: The small aluminum bar between the glasses is spacer. Warm Edge Spacer is a non-metal bar with better insulation.


All the stuffs that are used to lock the window or hinge the sash to the frame is hardware. Including hinges, handles, etc. Noted that fixed windows doesn’t require hardware.


Sealing is this that around the sash or frame to fill the gaps, so there is no air, water visit when the window close. Modern windows usually have three to four sealing.

It’s very important to know some essentials parts of the window when you are selecting. If necessary, contact a professional window expert to know everything before you decide to buy. ESWDA windows offers the great solutions to many window questions, you are welcome to contact us.

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