What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Casement Windows? The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Casement Windows

Casement windows are popular in modern buildings. They have many advantages, which is one of the main reason why homeowners like them so much. But they also have some disadvantages. In this passage, ESWDA will help you with the advantages and disadvantages of casement window.

The Types Of Casement Windows

In the past time, casement windows are held open with a casement stay. Modern casement are opened by friction stay with a crank or handle to control. Modern casement are cataloged in three main types: American casement windows, Germany style casement window, and French windows.

American casement windows is a window type with one sash open outward horizontally. It usually swings opens like a door and up to 90 degrees with a foldable crank rotated.

Germany style casement window, all known as tilt turn window. It’s an advance window with dual functions that swing open inward up to 180 degrees like a door and top opening about 15 cm width like a hopper. This window type combines the advantages of casement and hopper while skips their disadvantages.

French windows are windows with two sashes swing open to 180 degrees by two handles. There could be a true mullion or simulated mullion. They open outward then inward.

The Advantages Of Casement

Unobstructed View: Casement offers an unobstructed view, as it swings open like a door. There is not meeting rails like double hung or other parts.

Maximum Ventilations: Casement windows open up to 180 degrees to allow for the maximum, not like sliders can only open half of the opening space.

Easy to operate and cleaning: Casement opens with a crank or handle, which is easy to open or close. And of course, they are easy to clean as they open inward most of the time.

Most Energy efficient: Among all the window types, fixed windows are the most energy efficient. But fixed windows cannot open. And it doesn’t make much sense if all the window in a home are fixed. For energy efficiency, casement windows are second to none of the fixed windows. In other words, casement windows are the most energy efficient windows among the windows that opens.

More Secure & More Modern: Casement window usually locks better with multi-point locking mechanism. Casement windows add more modern elements to a modern home.

The Disadvantages Of Casement

Taking Up Inside Space: Casement window usually open inward, so it takes up some inside space. This is not do good if your room is small. And it affects the curtain.

More Expensive: Casement windows is more expensive than sliders, double hung, fixed windows.

ESWDA windows specializes in casement window design, especially tilt turn windows. The tilt turn windows remain the advantage of casement window while skips the disadvantages while it tilts from the top. ESWDA aims to provide quality tilt turn windows with a reasonable price to all budgets. ESWDA has three own factories to offer direct transparent sales to its clients, no additional cost of customized colors or design style. Contact ESWDA at www.ESWDAgroup. to find out your prefect tilt turn windows for your dream home.

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