What Are Aluminum Clad Wood Window? Aluminum Windows VS Aluminum – Clad Wood Windows

Vinyl windows, aluminum windows, fiberglass windows and wood windows are some popular window types in modern window market. Among them, wood windows are the best choices for windows, no matter for a new construction or replacement windows. Wood windows owns natural wood grain, excellent durability, great aesthetics and the sense of comfort to a home, which vinyl, aluminum, fiberglass windows can not compare. But you might worry about the wood might rot and the damage of pests like termites. In those cases, aluminum clad wood windows sound like a great choice.

What Is Aluminum Clad Wood Windows?

Aluminum Clad Wood window is a modern window term. It’s a wood window with aluminum cladding exterior to provide great protection. Wood species could be pine, oak, mahogany, cherry, teak, etc. It combines both the greatness of aluminum and wood windows, with 80% of solid wood interior and 20% of aluminum exterior cladding. With finger joint wood treatment, the strength and durability is improved. Wood windows are beautiful and bring nature to a home. Aluminum clad wood windows remain the excellent performance and aesthetics of wood windows and skip the shortcomings with aluminum cladding. It directly alleviates the buyers’ worry about wood window. ESWDA aims to provide premium aluminum clad windows in different styles with unique customized design.

Aluminum Windows & Thermal Break Aluminum Windows

Aluminum windows could be divided into general aluminum widows and thermal break aluminum windows. General aluminum window are good for hot areas that don’t require good insulation, like subtropical and tropical areas.

Thermal break aluminum windows is an improved aluminum widow, with a polyamide bar (PA66) in the middle of inside and outside aluminum to stop the heat or coldness transmission into the homes. Thus it efficiently improve the insulation capacity of general aluminum profiles,when there are temperatures difference between inside home and outside especially in cold winters and hot summers. It’s also called thermally broken aluminum windows.

What Makes ESWDA Aluminum Clad Wood Windows Excel From The Rest?

Cost: ESWDA is an experienced Chinese exporter to North America and Europe for years with US certifications like NFRC and NAMI etc and familiarity with local building codes. ESWDA Aluminum Clad Wood Windows feature great quality and performance as well as amazing aesthetics adored by many homeowners, builders and architects, with customers claiming to definitively bother it next time. ESWDA offers direct transparent pricing with its three own factories and deliver the products directly to the clients, reducing the pricing of middlemen and distributors, and no additional cost for customized colors and styles.

Quality & Performance: ESWDA Aluminum Clad Wood Windows features solid oak from USA or Canada and extruded aluminum profiles with thickness up to 1.6mm. Fully tempered double glazing with argon gas filled is the standard option, triple glazing, low-E coating , warm, edge spacers is available for higher performance requirement. What’s more, it is certified with NAMI.

Aesthetics: Wood window’s natural aesthetics is mo doubt beyond any window materials. There is not a better window than wood to provide a home with a sense of comfort. Pine wood is good for modern windows and doors, oak wood is one of good choices for hardwood.

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