The ESWDA Exhibiting Group Made a Good Appearance at the Guangzhou Construction Expo!

On July 20, 2021, the 4-day 23rd China Construction Expo (Guangzhou) officially opened.
On the morning of the 20th, Ding Sanlian, executive chairman of the ESWDA, and with the organizers and industry leaders, opened the curtain of the construction expo!

The ESWDA exhibition group, which has the highest technical level of Chinese system windows, attracted attention once it appeared in the exhibition area. They become the core brand of the entire system windows and doors exhibition area. More than a dozen exhibitors from the alliance occupy most 15.1 halls. The ESWDA exhibitor group lies on both sides of the main aisle and other important exhibition areas.
After the opening ceremony, the audience entered the exhibition hall. At the ESWDA exhibition area, there are crowds of people everywhere.
Next, let us take a look at the details of the ESWDA exhibition area.

EOSS Windows Exhibition Hall
WARREN Windows Exhibition Hall
KINCONA Windows Exhibition Hall
LVDUNZHONGTIAN Windows Exhibition Hall
JUREN Windows Exhibition Hall
XING GUAN Glass Exhibition Hall
TECHNOFORM Exhibition Hall
QZCNC(JMD) Exhibition Hall
BOTAG Insulation Materials Exhibition Hall

The ESWDA organized enterprises to display the most technical and most popular windows and doors products in the industry. Besides, they organized a visit and exchange group. The visiting group exchanged and studied with the participating enterprises. They have brought great help to the exhibition and investment promotion work. At the same time, this demonstrated the ESWDA’s strong organizational ability and team cohesion!
The exhibition lasts for four days. Welcome friends and colleagues in the industry to visit the exhibition area of ESWDA in Area C 15.1!

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