Is Renewal by Andersen Expensive? Aluminum Plaza VS Andersen: A Point By Point Comparison

People can be very worried when they buy new or replacement windows. They start to compare different companies to see the pros and cons to come out with their final decisions with better cost performance. In the following passages, we are taking a brief look at the comparison of ESWDA Windows (as a member of China WDMA) and Renewal by Andersen on cost, installation, design and custom made, etc. Hope this passage is providing useful tips on window brand selections to you.

ESWDA & Andersen: A brief Introduction

Andersen windows, founded in 1903 in Wisconsin, With a history over 110 years, Andersen has been one of America’s premier window manufacturer. Andersen aims to make different and better windows to provide increased value to its customers. Its main product line includes the most common window/ door types in wood, composite, vinyl, Aluminum, and fiberglass materials. With a wide selection of window types, grilles, hardware and exterior colors and interior wood species, Andersen makes it easy to match and enhance your home’s style, or to even create a custom look. Andersen tends to provide various materials options for different customers’ needs.
ESWDA windows is one of the leading manufacturers of premium aluminum and wood windows in China. The company mainly provides window/ door types in general and creative style, favored by many homeowners and construction professionals. By exporting to North America, Europe and Australia for 20 years, ESWDA’s products are designed to exceed North American NFRC code requirements. Independent testing by Intertek USA confirms that their products perform exceptionally well in all climate zones. Their products are suitable for commercial and residential projects, with product lines at several price points to satisfy the needs of both premium and value markets. Their industry-leading customization services provides options to meet even the most stringent requirements.

COST: ESWDA & Andersen

When replacing old windows or buying new windows, what the homeowners worry about most is cost. As a local company, Renewal By Andersen prices generally begin at $1,000 up to $ 1400 or more per window including installations. The prices also depend on local dealer. ( More detailed pricing visit a Chinese manufacturer, ESWDA provides more reasonable transparent pricing and more options to meet different budgets without sacrificing the quality. ESWDA’s price tends to 40 % to 60% lower price with similar quality. For aluminum window, its about $99-$149 per sqm, vinyl window, it is $79-$129 per sqm, wood window is about $200-$400 per sqm. Its three own factories makes it able to offer transparent direct sale to its clients in North America, Europe and Austria, no cost difference in different countries and regions.


For Installation, Andersen offers installation, installation cost are included in window cost. However, as a manufacturer in China, ESWDA hasn’t yet provided installation service. But its products are produced with nailing fin/ flange for easy installation like local companies.


For design and custom made service, Andersen provides general window design in window type and grilles, etc with paid service. As for design, ESWDA’s design team can offer creative design for customers from different countries to tailor their taste. Such as tilt turn windows, casement window with appearance of double hung, etc. Or Germany originally made brand hardware system applied. There is no additional cost for design or custom made color and hardware style, etc. What ESWDA offers to you is the freedom to dream about your dream home.


No matter any brands you might choose, pros are always going with cons, as sunshine and shadow. No place is only sunshine without shadow. Choosing a local leading brand like Andersen does provide you a lot of conveniences, which is a safe choice, except its high price. But if you would like to experience the excellent quality and beautiful products at a reasonable price, try ESWDA Windows.

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