How Do I Make My Home Burglar Proof? -Some Inexpensive Tips To Make A Safe Home

After we install our windows and doors, the entire home decoration is about to finish. However, a frequently-asked question is: how do I make my house burglar proof? If you don’t mind installing some advance techniques like smart locks or smart remote control system, that will definitely make a home safer. But noted that it’s not going to be cheap. What are some inexpensive way to make a safe home? There you go.

Tip 1 : Make sure your windows and doors are lock with multi-point locking mechanism.

In the current window market, there is single-point lock and multi-point lock. The differences are if they have one or a few locking points. Multi-point locks are at least three times safer than single point lock. Some popular hardware brands are ROTO or SIEGENIA( from Germany, SOBINCO ( from Europe. If you have no idea about window hardware, contact us ESWDA window experts is a good choice.

Tip 2: Make Sure Your Valuables Beyond The Sight

Keep your precious earrings and necklaces within the drawers, instead of displaying them on the dressing tables. Even though you think burglars may be not into them, but they might seem as a sign there is more in the house. You don’t mean to attract their attentions.

Tip 3:Make Sure Your Mailbox Is Empty

Ask your neighbors or friends to help empty your mailbox, to pretend someone is at home. So the burglars will be worried if they ever want to break in your home.

Tip 4: Make Sure No Place To Hide Around Your Home

You might plant some flowers or bushes or trees in your yard, trim them regularly to make sure no place to hide if a burglar is ever close to your home. And install some motion lights at the four sides of the house. If there are some people who is sneaking around your home, turn on the lights to scare them off.

Tip 5: Be Friends With Your Neighbors

A close neighbor is much helpful than a sister at another city when it comes to help each other. Be friends with your neighbors, they are the person who can come shortly to help you and your home when you need them.

It’s never too serious when it comes to home security. The more careful, the safer your home is. If you need any help from home security, we are here to help you out.

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