Are Wood Windows Worth The Money? Should I Buy Wood Windows Or Vinyl Windows?

In today’s window market, there are vinyl, fiberglass, aluminum and wood, etc, for window material. Vinyl and wood are two types commonly used window materials in residential and commercial buildings. The following passages will discuss the difference between wood windows and vinyl windows. Hope it provides some useful tips for your window selection.

Wood Windows & Vinyl Windows

When we are talking about wood window or vinyl window, we are mostly talking about window frame materials. Wood window can be in many species, the general types are pine and oak, of course, cherry, mahogany, teak also included. Vinyl window is window made from vinyl. Vinyl means polyvinyl chloride, (abbreviated: PVC) is a widely-produced synthetic plastic polymer. It could be used for pipe or materials for windows/ doors and others. Window frame plays an essential roles in window performance and aesthetics.

Pros & Cons Of Wood Windows

Wood windows own natural wood grain, beautiful look and excellent insulation, and it adds a natural feeling in a home, which is any other window material cannot compare. Wood windows can be painted and colored in various choices to perfectly match your homes. As for energy efficiency, wood window is no doubt ranked at the top, it will save you a lot of money on energy bills in a long term. Wood windows performs much better than aluminum, vinyl windows in cold area like Canada. Wood window can last for generations, it had added benefits than another window materials. But wood windows are expensive, because it take decades of years to for trees to grow mature. And wood could be not easy to manufacture. And wood might rot, so it’s not good to install wood window in humid or rainy climates. Wood window is susceptible to pest. So wood windows require regular maintenance.

Pros & Cons Of Vinyl Windows

Vinyl windows do not rot, fade, or rust, and are energy efficient. And you don’t have to paint them, thus they are low maintenance. Vinyl windows are the most affordable,they meets tight budges. Vinyl windows can last 20 to 40 years, that means you will need to replace your windows later. Vinyl Windows have limited color options. Vinyl windows are hard to be custom made. What’s worst, it cannot provide any natural or simulated wood feeling, which cannot compare with wood windows. And vinyl windows do not add resale value to the house.

Should I Buy Wood Windows Or Vinyl Windows?

It’s not a simple yes-or-no question to answer if I should buy vinyl or wood window. It’s related to your budget, energy efficiency and house style, personal preference, etc. You are taking everything into consideration to figure out a proper window for your home. Besides budgets, wood windows are great choices in a long term. ESWDA Windows has always been providing premium wood windows to homeowners, builders and architects. ESWDA wood windows feature great quality and performance with beautiful look. With advanced finger joint wood technique, it improves the wood’s durability and longevity. With aluminum cladding, it gives a great protection to the wood window and alleviates the worry to the wood.

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