Are Triple Pane Windows worth it? -Do I Need Triple Glazing For My Windows?

After selecting your window materials, the next thing is to decide glazing options. Glass in a window frame is called glazing. Glazing could be in single pane, double and triple pane according to the amount of glazing in the insulating glass. Double pane is usually the standard option of many windows and doors. But you might be interested in knowing are triple pane windows worth it? Do I need triple pane for my windows?

How Does Glazing Options Influence Window Performance?

Glazing plays an important role of window performance. It’s measured by U factor. The lower the U factor is, the better the performance. Most of the heat loss is through the glazing. Single pane was used in the old time. Now most of windows have two panes. Many manufacturers recommend double pane as standard glazing options.

Double glazing helps improve energy efficiency and sound reduction. Triple pane is good for very cold areas and noisy location. Triple pane performs better in condensation as well. Noted that with argons gas filled, low-E coating and warm edge spacer are other ways to lower down U factor without increasing glazing pane. And laminated glass is another option.

Double pane? Or Triple Pane?

There is no doubt that triple glazing provides better performance with the increasing of glazing. If you are living in a noisy or cold places, triple glazing is your good options. It’s more energy efficient, more resistant to condensation. Triple pane does help you save energy, but it takes time. Surely, it’s heavier than double pane. Both double pane and triple pane are energy efficient, good at sound reduction, condensation and durability. But three pane doesn’t make much difference in than double pane as you wish.

Are Triple Pane Windows Worth It? Do I Need Triple Glazing For My Windows?

In most cases, double glazing is good to meet the need of performance. Triple glazing is a good choice for those who pursuit maximum energy efficiency. Triple glazing do provide better performance, but it’s heavier and requires a thicker profiles and heavy duty hinges to support the sash. Thus its total cost increases, it’s more expensive.

What’s more important, the glazing options also depends on the climate. If your home isn’t located in a cold or noisy place, then you probably need double pane, not triple pane. For the better performance, you can add low-e coating, argon gas and warm edge spacer to your glazing. If you are not sure the glazing options that your window require, you can go around and check out your neighborhoods.

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