Are Picture Windows Cheaper Than Double Hung? Picture Windows – Replacement Window Cost

If you are looking for replacement windows for your homes, you are curious to know the cost for replacement windows, especially fixed windows and single/ double hung.

Picture Windows & Double Hung

Fixed window is a window type that cannot open, also called picture window, as it was like a great picture hung at home with outside view reflection. Some transoms, skylights, and church windows, etc, are also fixed. Window with speciality, like round top, is often more fixed than operable. One of prominent features of picture window is it doesn’t have any hardware, which means it is less expensive and low maintenance than other window types. As for energy efficiency, picture window is no doubt ranked top one with good air tightness, water tightness and sound insulation. Picture windows could be used independently or with another window types to form combination.

Double hung is a classic window type with the top sash slides down and the bottom sash slides up to allow for flexible ventilation. It’s a perfect match for traditional-style buildings, especially with colonial grille design. Homeowners just love it. One of prominent features of double hung is both sashes can be tilt inward to allow for easy cleaning. Double hung slides vertically and it doesn’t take up any inside or outside space, which is good for commercial buildings and apartment buildings, etc. Double hung could be called the updated sliding windows. Single hung is fixed at the top, and operable at the bottom sash. It slides up and down to allow for different ventilation. Single hung could be seen as a combination with fixed window and double hung. Surely single hung is cheaper than double hung. As for energy efficiency, double hung seals less than fixed window as there is a track to slide on.

Fixed Window or Double Hung? Or Sing Hung?

When it comes to replacement windows, many factors are took into consideration, such as cost, energy efficiency, quality, aesthetics,etc. Of them, cost is the most important. Fixed window is definitely cheaper than double hung, even single hung with the same size and materials. Because fixed window doesn’t require any hardware. Hardware could be one of the reasons why operable windows are more expensive, especially top quality hardware like ROTO or SIEGENIA from Germany. For double hung window, Cladwell is a popular hardware choice. Another reason is manufacturing technique of double hung is more complicated than fixed window. Fixed window is simpler and easier to manufacture. The cost and technique of single hung is between double hung and fixed window.

Choosing a window type for a your new or replacement windows, you will need a window expert to guide you based on your specific situation. Listening to useful design suggestions from a professional is of great help. ESWDA Windows is known by its customized service and professional design team. The design team go into the job/ build site to know the actual need of the customers, then provide professional design suggestion. Customers get what they exactly need from ESWDA. What’s more, ESWDA never sacrifices quality and aesthetics to achieve a cost advantages. Instead, it exceeds customers’ expectations with professional design service and great quality and aesthetics.

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