Are Fixed Windows Cheaper Than Casement? -Fixed Windows VS Operable Windows

Windows play an important part in our house decoration. They connect the inside and outside of the houses. Selecting window types for a home is never an easy work. What window types is good for my home in a long term? Are fixed window cheaper than casement?

The Types Of Windows

Windows can be classified according to their frame materials and the way of opening. Frame materials can be vinyl, aluminum, fiberglass and wood, etc. Assumed in the same window material, widows can be divided into fixed windows and operable windows according to the way they open.

Fixed Windows & Their Applications

Fixed windows, also known as picture windows, are windows that cannot open. Fixed windows can be used independently or window combination in a large opening. They don’t require any hardware. They don’t even require a screen. Glass and frame are main components and they have good sealing on four sides, thus fixed windows are maintenance-free and have good air tightness, water tightness and great insulation. Fixed windows are sure to be the most affordable. And, of course, fixed windows are cheaper than casement, even cheaper than sliders.

Operable Windows & Their Applications

Operable windows are every window that opens, mainly include sliding windows, awnings, hoppers, single and Double hung, casement, etc. Noted that tilt turn windows are one of advanced casements. Most operable windows combine with screens. According to the type, size, location of openings, they are installed in different places. For instance, casement windows are good for tall openings, awning is good for wide openings. And double hung is good for openings that are above the sink in the kitchen, etc.

Do you actually need every opening with all fixed windows?

Certainly not. Although fixed windows are cheaper and have great performance, but you wouldn’t enjoy it if you live in a home with zero window than can open. That’s too bad.

Do you actually need every opening with all operable windows?

Maybe not, either. First of all, all opening with operable windows maybe not necessary. It will be very expensive and require a lot of maintenance, especially in some large openings like those in living rooms.

Fixed Or Operable? Which Is Good For My Rooms?

Shall I choose fixed or operable windows for my rooms? That’s a good question. In most cases, homeowners tend to choose fixed and operable window combination after overall considerations on all factors. For instance, a small opening in the bathroom, awning is the best; a big opening in the living room, fixed windows at the top (and at the bottom) and casement in the middle is great. For opening with a common size in bedroom, half fixed and half casement is good.

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