Are Fiberglass Windows Worth The Cost?

Window Comparison: Vinyl VS FIBERGLASS VS WOOD

As the eyes of our houses, we hope windows are secure and beautiful. When buying windows, the first thing comes to your mind is material. Windows are made of frame and sash. Sash is usually made of glass while window frame materials could be vinyl, fiberglass and wood, etc. There are some elements your need to consider before making decisions: security, durability, cost, aesthetics, etc. What are their differences? Which is the most suitable choice for windows in a long term?


Security is first concern for window buyers. The opening ways and hardware system are the main support for security, not the window materials. A good hardware system provides better water tightness, air tightness and security. Germany originally made brand ROTO/ SIEGENIA features the Multi-Point Locks hardware. It has fewer components, with each component capable of sustaining 400lbs for high security and longevity. The friction stay is rated for more than 400,000 cycles. To put this in perspective, a window that is opened and closed 10 times a day should last at least 100 years before failure.
Vinyl and fiberglass windows do not rot or susceptible to pests, both of them rank close together for durability. Compare with vinyl and fiberglass, wood is stronger and lighter, especially after professional wood treatment like FINGER JOINT WOOD. Its durability is 1.5 times stronger than rough solid wood. Fiberglass windows is more durable than vinyl windows and are about 38% percent longer lifespan. A good vinyl window usually lasts for 30 years and fiberglass for 50 years. Of them, wood window can last for generations with proper maintenance. In a long term, time-tested wood window excel from others, except maintenance.


Vinyl windows cannot be painted and are available in limited colors. Fiberglass windows can be painted and has more color options. However, wood windows own nature beauty due to its natural wood grain. They do not require much color finishing and could be painted in more colors. Wood windows add peaceful nature elements to your homes and match well with home style, which vinyl and fiberglass cannot provide.


One of the reasons that people choose vinyl window is because of its low cost. Vinyl is about 10% to 30% cheaper than fiberglass. Fiberglass is about 20% – 30% cheaper than wood. Wood windows cost most, but it also values most. Another reason why choose wood window is : wood window owns resale value. On the event that house ownership changes, the wood windows remain its value as beginning.


When buying windows, it’s important to take a look at all materials before making decisions. Vinyl windows are cheaper but need to be replaced. Fiberglass window is better than vinyl but worse than wood windows. Wood windows is more expensive and need maintenance, but it lasts for years and remain its value, which is more likely to be a smart choice in a long term. ESWDA wood windows have been favored by many homeowners all the time with its high quality and different budget solutions.

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