Are casement windows safe? Aluminum Plaza’s safety system in window hardware

We spend most of our time at home. People like to say home is a place where dreams begin. Many people install home security systems to guard their homes. And secure windows and doors are part of a secure home. What affects windows security? Among all the windows types that opens, casement is considered to be the most secure type, except fixed windows. Why casement windows are safe?


Casement window is a window type that swings open 180 degree horizontally inward or outward, usually inward. When it swings open vertically, it is an awning when hinged at top, a hopper when at bottom. American style casement usually opens outward horizontally with a crank. Germany style casement usually swings open inward or outward with a handle, most of time it opens inward or inswing as outward opening could be dangerous at higher floors as time passes. One of advanced Germany style casement window is tilt turn window. It combines both inward swing casement and top opening hopper window. When it turns, the handle turns 90 degree to allow the sash to swing like a door for maximum ventilation. When it tilts, the handle turns 180 degree to tilt a 10 to 15 cm width to allow for flexible ventilation of all weather convenience.


Window security is affected by glazing strength and hardware system. In the event that burglars break the glass and get into your home, it will be easily noticed by people with the noise, so it’s less possible to occur. In most of the situation, people focus more on the hardware system that a window applies.


Casement windows are considered to be the most secure windows that opens because of its opening way as well as hardware system. There isn’t a track for casement to slide on like slider or double hung, so it seals tighter and more difficult to be opened from outside. As for hardware, ESWDA casement windows use MACO from Austria to provide excellent security.

Founded in 1947 in Salzburg, Austria, MACO has been one of the leading hardware company in the world. It’s well known for its multi -point locks and concealed hinges with a history of over 70 years. When it comes to security, mechanical burglary resistance is key. MACO is excellent in the burglar-resistant hardware with its fully concealed hinges, multi- point locks mechanism to let no chance to burglars.

Concealed hinge add design elements in the room. Besides improved aesthetics, it adds much strength than regular hinges. A burglar can remove the regular hinges with screwdriver to get in your house, even though there is a tamper proof pins. MACO concealed hinges is hidden inside the window frame. When windows close, it is hard to remove the hinges as it is not seen. Thus MACO concealed hinges provide excellent strength and durability.

Multi-point lock has less components than regular locks. It can support sash weights of up to 130 kg on windows and up to 150 kg on casement doors on timber and PVC elements. The muiti point lock is three times or more security than common locks because of its numerous locking point , and can be more secure if with another latches or electronic system. Its burglary resistance grade is up to RC 2 (Resistance Class 2, RC2= resistance time 3 minutes: the opportunist criminal attempts to break open the locked and bolted door with simple tools such as a screw-driver, pliers an wedge. See: In other words, it doesn’t seem possible for burglars to open the window from outside. To find out more about MACO, visit

Besides MACO hardware system, ESWDA casement also apply ROTO/SIEGENIA from Germany, SOBINCO from Belgium, etc, some high security hardware.

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