Aluminum Plaza A-series Aluminum Glass Doors-More Than JUST An Aluminum Door

Aluminum is one of easy finishing materials for fenestration, popular in modern houses. Casement doors add modern elements, no matter where it is located, entrances door in apartments or hotels as well as public buildings. ESWDA A-series Aluminum Glass Doors features maximum glass and clean lines to be one of prefect matches for modern houses. What do ESWDA A-series Aluminum Glass doors exceed clients’ expectation?


The types of doors are usually cataloged by their materials and opening ways. The common door materials could be vinyl, fiberglass, aluminum and wood, etc. The opening ways could be sliding, casement (hinged door), folding, etc. Among them, aluminum glass door is a door type with aesthetics and great cost efficiency.

Glass door is a Germany style door type, featuring over 80% percent of the door leaf is made of glass. It allows for great nature light in the room. ESWDA A-series Aluminum Glass Doors feature thermal break aluminum profile, fully tempered glass and multi-point lock mechanism to provide excellent performance and aesthetics.


PROFILES : ESWDA A -series Aluminum Glass Doors use high quality thermal break aluminum with a thickness of 2.0 mm to provide excellent strength and deformation resistance, which is thicker than many of other companies. The visible width of frame is 45 mm, 96 mm for the sash when viewed from outside. The frame of the profile depth is 75 mm and 84 mm for the sash. As we know that standard aluminum is a conductor of heat and cold, that’s why ESWDA now applies a polyamide bar, (Polyamide 66, or Nylon 66) PA66, in the middle of profiles to break or insulate the heat and cold. Thermal break aluminum profiles perform much better than standard aluminum. Color options are all available at over 200 RAL classic colors.

GLAZING: As said in Wikipedia, “Frosted glass is produced by the sandblasting or acid etching of clear sheet glass. This creates a pitted surface on one side of the glass pane and has the effect of rendering the glass translucent by scattering the light which passes through, thus blurring images while still transmitting light.” ESWDA A-series Aluminum Glass Doors feature frosted glass to better privacy while maintain nature light. A-series doors have diverse designs as single panel, doubles panels or triple panels for various needs. Total glass thickness depends on your options. For double glazing, it is 22 mm, and triple, 39 mm. The All of the glazing options is made of fully tempered glass, which will shatter into small pieces for safety if broken.

HARDWARE: ESWDA A-series Glass Doors applied the advanced multi-point locking system for prominent security and durability. Multi-point lock system has less components and is three times or more security than common locks because of its numerous locking point. The multi-point locking system possesses the top class of anti-burglar in Europe and lets no chance of being breaking in from outside.

ESWDA A -series aluminum is at level 9 at wind load resistance ability, 8 at thermal insulation, 8 at air tightness. As for water tightness, sound performance is 5 and 4. Daylighting performance is great.

Featuring excellent performance and aesthetics, ESWDA A-series Aluminum Glass Doors are one of the best choices of new doors or replacement doors.

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